Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Busy... busy.... busy

There is no rest for the weary as they say. I've found myself letting my plate once again become over filled with things I need to do. Most of it is art related! So I've made a promise to myself. I'm going to start working hard on getting every piece of art I need to finish, completed.

The sketch to the left is proof of one that needs to get done. I've several PSD files that need to be finished up and moved to the complete folder. It's going to take me quite a while but I've faith in myself to get them completed! =^-^=

I've also received a deadline for one of my mangas. I've two months.... roughly until October to complete a full chapter! So Aska Lunis is right now in the rough sketch stages and I hope to have 40 pages done for the chapter rough sketched and ready to move on to the hard line and toning. It's going to be an amazing process but I hope I won't get in to too much stress while I work on it and the other pieces I need to finish. One day at a time I suppose but I'm not giving up!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012


So I’ve been working a lot on some art! Been having fun and working hard! Just seeing my old art and looking to my new art now I’ve come quite a long way from when I’ve started drawing. I’ll hopefully post up one of my oldies and show you how much of a difference I’ve made. :3~ Until then, please enjoy one of my latest submissions!! This is Rhiannon Kincade of Gothic Embrace being swept away by Captain-Savvy’s (DA) Erias the Dragon King! :D